Our solution FLYOFF extends your current offer, beyond your traditional market, using same-week bids on mobile to reach out the "On-demand" generation.



    We love to take part to events to share our experience and promote the startup culture. We speak on travel spontaneity, mobile and distressed inventory at events like ITB Berlin and VivaTechnology Paris. We even got contacted to feature FLYOFF in a French movie...


    S C H L A C K & Co is a young and ambitious seed stage startup, driven by:

    • Our own environment: Today's mobile internet revolution with high-speed Internet and wide coverage mixed to mobile devices is giving birth to new consumers' behaviors & innovative societal and business opportunities;

    • Our DNA: the "schlack": a state of mind from Berlin about repetitive “meaningful coincidence” not causally related (read more here);

    • Our vision: Be spontaneous, experience more!




    More generally we want to be a catalyst for spontaneous customer decisions in a real-time & hyper-targeted ecosystem recycling distressed inventories and complementing BAU business models.

    We want to be part of it by creating "schlacky" products. We are passionate about travels, hence our motivation to embrace the Air Travel digital revolution with FLYOFF.
    Berlin winter 2009 – It all started with one simple observation among friends; it’s very often the same persons who seem to be at the right place at the right time. We call it "schlack"; it's in our DNA. Today, we know where you are, what you like and what is around you, so we are helping you to make it digital.


    (made with passion)


    Mobile app

    Too many seats take off empty every day, while too many travelers struggle to book same-week tickets. FLYOFF enables those spontaneous travelers to book these flying empty seats, at their own price, on mobile within 7 days prior to departure. The app inspires the users with videos of destinations and let them swipe through and make their own proposition on the ones they like. When there is a match, they receive a notification to confirm their booking.


    FLYOFF is a mobile extension of current distribution channels, that aggregates FLYOFF's partners private offers.


    Carriers, consolidators, tour operators, investors, candidates, public relations;

    we look forward to having an interesting discussion...

  • TEAM


    Speaker on travel startups about mobile and spontaneity. Clem started his career in finance and audit at Société Générale and Deloitte. After travelling around the world hitchhiking, he realised spontaneous travels are the best. So he decided to take advantage of empty seats in planes to make them affordable for everyone.


    His favorite destinations:

    • Berlin, Germany
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Lead developer




    Marketing & Analytics

    Besides working with FLYOFF, Greg is an Economics and Statistics undergraduate at Macalester College. He will also be studying International Business at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.


    His favorite destinations:

    • Paris, France
    • The Bahamas


    Marketing & Analytics

    Arsh is a student of economics and English literature at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He is passionate about languages, football and travelling. Outside of these interests and FlyOff, Arsh enjoys film studies and creative writing.


    His favourite destinations: 

    • Vienna, Austria
    • Loch Lomond, Scotland


    True digital nomad, when not working on FLYOFF, Hana is busy with freelance work for the UN or Al Jazeera. She is also passionate about Travel / Urban development / Refugee related startups.


    Beside working on FLYOFF, Emily is a Princeton University senior majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs with a certificate in Chinese language and culture. She is also pursuing a master's degree in international security at Sciences Po in Paris.


    Frédérique Clavel

    • Coach at Fincoach
    • Investor at Mix For Value
    • Founder and Chairwoman @LesPionnieres

    # INSEAD
    # French nationality
    # Lives in Paris, France

    Fabienne Herlaut

    • Created Ecomobility Ventures
    • Senior Advisor Ernst & Young
    • BPI France consultant

    # Harvard & ESCP

    # French nationality

    # Lives in Paris, France

    Rani François-Marie Saad

    • Leadership positions within Abacus International and SABRE Corporation 
    • Global Head Air FranceKLM e-services and Innovation
    • Board member on global incubators and travel tech startups


    #French & Libanese nationalities

    #Lives in Singapore


    Andrew Hoag

    • Founded and sold @urbantag
    • Secured banks @VeriSign
    • Networked supercomputers at NASA

    # Gustavus Adolphus College
    # American nationality
    # Lives in Berlin, Germany

    Pascal Vinarnic

    • Investor at Ceres Finance
    • Established Bain Finance Services in Europe, a practice of Bain & Co
    • Philanthropist at Fondation Demeter

    # HEC and HBS Executive Education
    # French and British nationality
    # Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Partnered airline

    Transavia is a fast growing international airline with a big ambition that FLYOFF wants to help to reach: by 2019 the airline targets to carry 20 million passengers with 100 aircraft.

    Public fund

    BPI France is France largest public fund for startups. It is actively funding FLYOFF in its seed stage.

    Travel startups incubator

    Welcome City Lab is France biggest travel startup incubator, where FLYOFF is currently incubated.

    Digital transformation cluster

    Cap Digital is the French business cluster for digital content and services.

    Entrepreneur community

    France Digitale is a community of entrepreneur for startup lobbying.

    Marketing research

    NYU Stern MBA collaboration on FLYOFF entry strategy in the US market. Presentation available upon request.

    Business development

    Airsource Partners is a key partner in our business development by providing us with a prime network of experts in the aviation industry worldwide.


    We are based in Paris and travel a lot.
    Get in touch to set up a meeting: